Shared Services Offering

In today’s Federal environment, the case for moving to shared services is well established; however, many agencies struggle to move from concept to execution.  Where do you begin?  What is involved and how do you do it efficiently and well? Federal Accelerated Shared Service Transition (FASST℠) is Clearwaters.IT’s value added execution methodology, using “federalized” templates and techniques, to enable provisioning of agency shared services, consistent with the tenets of the Federal Information Technology Shared Services Strategy and Federal Shared Services Implementation Guide.  FASST℠ is tailored to specific agency requirements while adhering to unique Federal IT mandates including laws, regulations, policies and guidance to:
  • Reduce Risk via proven tools and techniques
  • Accelerate the Move into the Cloud
    • Follows an identified critical path
    • Assembles the “body-of-evidence” for security certification from the start
  • Deliver Immediate Value through achieving incremental capabilities
  • Avoid Costs related to over-investing in implementation or infrastructure