Cybersecurity Offering

Clearwaters.IT has a holistic, enterprise approach to cyber-security that provides insight, understanding, and solutions to address the most vulnerable elements of an organization’s cyber posture. Identifying the “white space” vulnerabilities that occur at organizational, process, and system boundaries are a critical, but often overlooked aspect of managing cyber risk. We leverage the applicable National Institute of Science and Technology’s products into a single organizing structure via our innovative Cyber Framework Integration (CyFISM).  This innovative approach provides a comprehensive approach to Assess, Analyze, Allocate, and Act to improve an organizations cybersecurity posture.  Clearwaters.IT cyber customers include the Intelligence Community (IC), the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Civilian Agencies, as well as commercial customers.
Federal agencies have limited visibility into, understanding of, and control over how the technology they acquire is developed, integrated and deployed, as well as the processes, procedures, and practices used to assure the integrity, security, resilience, and quality of the products and services. Supply chain vulnerabilities and counterfeit electronic parts present a substantial threat to Federal organizations and to address this challenge Clearwaters.IT has partnered with to be their Federal Market integrator. is the only multi-industry Point of Sale (POS) and online authentication and registration platform that eliminates counterfeit goods for luxury brand manufacturers, retailers, and marketplace partners.
Government agencies and corporations face the dynamic tension to maximize the value of their resources while minimizing the risk of exposure to unauthorized entities.  Securing information is vital and critical to any organization’s mission and requires effective management of identities, resources, and access policies to ensure protected resources are accessed by authorized users and systems. Clearwaters.IT delivers identity management, information assurance, data protection, and penetration and audit analysis services to program managers, system owners, and security managers of IC, DoD, and Federal agencies facing data and security integration challenges. We follow a NIST-based trusted identity integration framework and team with best-in-class vendor partners to drive accelerated delivery through rapid releases of incremental capabilities.
Federal agencies face an ever increasing amount of cyber challenges and attacks on their systems.  The speed with which new attacks are developed and propagate, the shear volume of attacks, the variety of modes and attack vectors, and the clear intent on the part of the attackers to disrupt, damage or destroy all demand continually evolving solutions. Clearwaters.IT’s approach to address these challenges is to communicate risk, collaborate across organizational boundaries to share information and solutions, and to foster an engaged, trained, and responsive workforce.  We partner with a variety of technology firms to provide solutions to identify events, understand those occurrences, and escalate and notify to enable timely action.
Respond and Recover
Breaches of Federal agency systems and the subsequent remediation, often cost more than the cyber solution implementations.  The more effort and resources allocated to identify, protect, and detect activities can dramatically mitigate the costs of response and recover.  When a breach does occur, Agencies must deal with it quickly to contain the impact, restore capabilities, learn and share, and accept and address the new risks. Intuitive applies Adaptive Cyber Risk Management to enable response and recovery actions.  We develop and employ automated scenario-based responses.  We assist agencies planning for containment and applying state-of-the-art digital forensics to identify and address new risks.